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Shelley Grierson – Director of Tech Marketing- Space Between

We will start this series of Women in Focus with someone that contacted me recently and introduced me to some lovely ladies that should be an inspiration for everyone.

Tell us about your career journey

I have been in my current role for the past 7 months, and have been focused on driving our highly specialised tech solutions to our defined demographic. Educationally, my background is in Psychology, so transitioning into a Neuromarketing role has been a natural progression and a really enjoyable career challenge. I get to bridge two different worlds in my role, technology and human behaviour. I get to translate the tough technology talk, provide insights into human buyer behaviour, and create messages and campaigns that make sense to our target audience.

What areas of technology do you touch on in your role?

The key areas I touch on involve Neuromarketing Research, or Biometrics Testing. There is some seriously impressive kit that comes in our Laboratory. Everything from Artificial Intelligence Tech, Scientific and even Medical Technologies. I also have significant exposure across our client projects, for the purposes of gathering marketing materials together – this includes things like customer testimonials and case studies for example.

What areas do you see evolving in future?

We operate in the eCommerce sector, and this market is very agile compared to more traditional areas – like bricks and mortar retailers for example. So the result is, our demographic is much more willing to try new things, keep pace and have an open mind when it comes to testing out new technologies. It’s a very fast-paced and exciting sector to be operating in. Everyone in our company genuinely loves being at the forefront of providing revolutionary solutions to eCommerce problems.

Can you tell us about some of your most exciting tech projects?

I have worked closely with a couple of client projects lately, by supporting joint marketing efforts. One was The Post Office, who were thrilled with cost savings exceeding £250,000 in the first six months of our CRO team consulting with them. I was working with the key internal stakeholders filming testimonials and gathering data for building a case study that we could use promotionally. We also won an award for that project – Top Enterprise Project of the Year!

Another recent project saw me in our Poland innovation office with luxury hair brand, ghd. As part of our work with ghd, our wider project team presented the pieces of research we suggested for the results they were looking to achieve. It’s hard to pick as there are lots of amazing examples to give, but these are the most recent!

What do you do outside of work that supports women in tech?

In my spare time, I host the Kent Linkedin Ladies networking group. This is an extension of Linkedin, with the idea being that it’s important to actually get to know the faces behind the profiles. This group is exclusive to women – just as a safe and supportive environment to network, find mentors, inspiration, and ultimately encouragement into achieving leadership roles within business. I’m also taking part in the Miss Great Britain pageant in my spare time, and am a finalist for the #MsGreatBritain competition. This is another exciting channel to work as a role model for other young women and highlight career opportunities, charities and social causes that would otherwise have little exposure.

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