Shelley Grierson – Director of Tech Marketing- Space Between

We will start this series of Women in Focus with someone that contacted me recently and introduced me to some lovely ladies that should be an inspiration for everyone.

Tell us about your career journey

I have been in my current role for the past 7 months, and have been focused on driving our highly specialised tech solutions to our defined demographic. Educationally, my background is in Psychology, so transitioning into a Neuromarketing role has been a natural progression and a really enjoyable career challenge. I get to bridge two different worlds in my role, technology and human behaviour. I get to translate the tough technology talk, provide insights into human buyer behaviour, and create messages and campaigns that make sense to our target audience.

What areas of technology do you touch on in your role?

The key areas I touch on involve Neuromarketing Research, or Biometrics Testing. There is some seriously impressive kit that comes in our Laboratory. Everything from Artificial Intelligence Tech, Scientific and even Medical Technologies. I also have significant exposure across our client projects, for the purposes of gathering marketing materials together – this includes things like customer testimonials and case studies for example.

What areas do you see evolving in future?

We operate in the eCommerce sector, and this market is very agile compared to more traditional areas – like bricks and mortar retailers for example. So the result is, our demographic is much more willing to try new things, keep pace and have an open mind when it comes to testing out new technologies. It’s a very fast-paced and exciting sector to be operating in. Everyone in our company genuinely loves being at the forefront of providing revolutionary solutions to eCommerce problems.

Can you tell us about some of your most exciting tech projects?

I have worked closely with a couple of client projects lately, by supporting joint marketing efforts. One was The Post Office, who were thrilled with cost savings exceeding £250,000 in the first six months of our CRO team consulting with them. I was working with the key internal stakeholders filming testimonials and gathering data for building a case study that we could use promotionally. We also won an award for that project – Top Enterprise Project of the Year!

Another recent project saw me in our Poland innovation office with luxury hair brand, ghd. As part of our work with ghd, our wider project team presented the pieces of research we suggested for the results they were looking to achieve. It’s hard to pick as there are lots of amazing examples to give, but these are the most recent!

What do you do outside of work that supports women in tech?

In my spare time, I host the Kent Linkedin Ladies networking group. This is an extension of Linkedin, with the idea being that it’s important to actually get to know the faces behind the profiles. This group is exclusive to women – just as a safe and supportive environment to network, find mentors, inspiration, and ultimately encouragement into achieving leadership roles within business. I’m also taking part in the Miss Great Britain pageant in my spare time, and am a finalist for the #MsGreatBritain competition. This is another exciting channel to work as a role model for other young women and highlight career opportunities, charities and social causes that would otherwise have little exposure.

Phone gimbals. What’s the deal with them?

When thinking about video, image stabilisation is one of the must haves to make your final result better. Nowadays platforms that promote home-made videos are flooded with clips and everyone can join in using only their phone, but in order to stand out you do need good stabilisation in your footage.

No matter how steady your hands are, video making will require some form of stabilisation and I just found the perfect one for your phone.

FeyuTech is a company that produces different types of gimbals for almost any device from phones to action cameras and phones.

The FeyuTech SPG is the one that I enjoyed the most mainly because it can be used with most types of iPhones or android phones in similar sizes. It’s small and easy to use, has 3-Axis Stabilisation and weights about 400g including the battery.

the gimbal comes with a soft cary case

The gimbal can be controlled using a joystick that can pan the camera at 360 degree angle and tilt and roll at 320 degrees, making your footage so much more interesting. 

On the handle just under the joystick you will find the on/off button and the bluetooth shutter button and on the side you have the charging port covered by a silicone cover. All the buttons are also really easy to press without giving you trouble while holding the gimbal.

The grip is also covered in silicone so it will make holding it comfortable and the way it was manufactured takes the paint-peeling problem out of the question.

At the top there is a quick release system that can be adjustable depending on the size of your phone without losing stabilisation and keeping the camera level.

For when you’re not using it, it can be stored away in a soft pouch that can also double as a carry case with a metal hoop available if you want to attach a strap to it.

The battery even if it seems small is quite powerful and I’ve used the gimbal for a total of about 6-7 hours and it has not run of charge. Maximum runtime advertised by the company is 8 h and I can say that it can definitely hold up to that, now you just have to make sure your phone can keep up.

When using it with the FeiyuOn app it opens a world of possibilities, not only for video but also for photos. The app is free to download from both App Store and Google Play Store and it will allow you to personalise the way you want to use the gimbal. You can control the panning speed, resolution and frame rate.

 Connecting the phone with the gimbal takes only a second and it will allow you to use the shutter button on the handle so you won’t have to even touch the phone. A short press of a button will take a photo while holding the button down will start a video.

The app also offers you the possibility to track your subject so if you want to film some action shots it will make your life a lot easier. Besides that you can also input your own settings for exposure, white balance and ISO so you can easily shoot videos in any type of environment without worrying about the quality.

There is also an option for night shooting, panoramic shots and timelapse, all really easy to use and ready to make your photos stand out.

If you want to get into video making this can be an affordable way to start. The footage that I got with my phone is incredible and it’s mainly due to the fact that I managed to get different angles that normally would be hard to get or that will have a lot of movement in them.

I enjoyed doing some slow motion videos because they were so much smoother than if I were to hold my phone and I have to admit, I used the gimbal as a selfie stick as well. When doing a self-shot, because you can angle the phone so you won’t even see your hand.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for any tech lover in your life

As we all know, Christmas is just around the corner.

And i bet not everyone has finished their Christmas shopping, so i’m coming to the rescue with some ideas for those last minute gifts, that any tech lover would definitely love.


1.  Touchscreen gloves are a must for anyone that is just glued to their phone, and don’t want to stop using it just because it’s freezing outside.


Here you can find a pair from that will work with any type of touch screen. They provide a snap closure that will make them comfortable to wear , they are knitted with a soft integrated fleece lining and are durable. Compared to other gloves, i like that they do provide a good grip, so you won’t have to stress about your device slipping from your hands.

Price £26.69 , but you can use the code “girltechweekly” to get 15% off if you place your order before 19th Dec. (discount code applies to any product from


2.  Staying within a lower end budget , here’s a gift for any photographer out there that would like to display their images in a creative way. The KiiPix Instant printer is something a bit different, as it does not use any ink or batteries. smartphone-picture-printer_000000000006146431You simply find an image you’d like to print on your phone, place your phone on top of the printer, press a button and roll your image out.

kiipixphoneIt uses the Instax mini film that can be found at about £14.99 /per 20 shots and it’s quite an interesting little device. Price £29.99 at


3.  If you’re looking for a gift for a gamer in your life, that is loving the retro vibes, i found this Saga Smartphone Controller, that looks quite fun.


It’s only compatible with android smartphones, and comes with over 17 retro games, so that your friend can relive their childhood games all over again. Price £29.99 at


4.  Now if you want to spend a bit more on your Christmas gift, and you have someone in your life that is just loving photography, but they don’t yet have a proper camera, i have a suggestion.


Yes i know, it’s from Jessops again, but they are the only ones offering this deal that for the same price of the camera, you get a memory card,  jolby tripod, a body jacket and strap for the camera and even a 1 hour tuition in one of their stores.  It might only work for people living in the Uk that have a store close by so that they can take advantage of the 1 h session, but honestly it’s a pretty sweet deal. Price £449.

Not only the quality that you get from the camera is amazing but it’s also really easy to use. It’s a mirrorless camera ( that i explain about here) that your friend or even you ,if you decide that you should make yourself a gift this year will be able to use with ease.



5.  And finally if you already have that friend in your life that “has it all”, because they are already into tech gadgets this next one is something that they will definitely love.


It’s a customizable  keyboard that makes designing and editing so much easier. It’s compatible with all the Adobe softwares and it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminium. You can use the knob to zoom in and out, turn volume up and down, adjust different settings and much more. I know i would love to have one of these. You can order it from here and it’s £65.99.



Let me know what you think of these gifts ideas and which one of them you’d like to get under the tree.