Maggy Burns – Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist / Front-End Developer- Space Between

Space Between is a company founded in 2016 that specialises in eCommerce growth. They are based in Kent and work closely with their clients making sure they provide the best results possible.

After Shelley Grierson introduced me to the company and her amazing work, I wanted to hear more about the women working there. So today I’ll be offering you an interview with their Front-End Developer and Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist Maggy Burns.

A little bit about how you got into your role

I have been at Space Between for a little over 3 years now, joining as a very junior developer that was very keen on the front end side of web development. I had just finished my apprenticeship in software development and had decided that working on the front end side of websites, using HTML, CSS and Javascript, making them look beautiful and seeing the clients face light up when shown a brand new webpage was where I was happiest. Since then, my role has changed slightly as I am now starting to work with the CRO team, bringing my front end skills to help write CRO experiments. The psychology and data analysis involved in CRO is what has really drawn me to it.

What do you love about technology?

I love that it is constantly evolving and (arguably) making everyday life a lot easier. I can’t imagine a time where Google maps didn’t exist to guide me around, and I would have to order a takeaway by calling someone and speaking to a human, and I am grateful for that every day.

How you have been supported and found opportunities as a woman in tech?

I am incredibly lucky with the amount of support I have been given in my career. Starting from when I was in college I was supported by my amazing IT tutor Karen Scott and women’s safety organisation PinUp Payback to work on a women’s safety app. It was this opportunity that got me into coding outside of my college course, and really made me passionate about web development and started my career. I am a true advocate for giving young girls the opportunity to write code, and breaking the stigma that it’s a career path meant for a specific type of person. The world of technology is becoming more diverse, and the more people that join from diverse backgrounds the more inclusive technology will become.

Can you tell us about some of your most exciting projects?

At my voluntary job, being a tech lead at futureCoders SE, I am currently building an app with the team for the art exhibition Duende – ‘the mysterious power of art to deeply move one’s soul’ – a celebration of artwork by women. It’s so exciting I can’t give any more away – but we are launching the app at the art exhibition and I can’t wait to show off all of the hard work that the futureCoders team have done. It involves QR code scanning, semantics analysis and is built using React JS, Django and Amazon Web Services.

Tell us a bit about your award nomination and volunteer work in the technology and education sector

I was so fortunate to be nominated for the Medway Youth Awards Youth Worker of the year for the voluntary work I do at futureCoders. Every Monday evening and Saturday I am with the brilliant futureCoders team. futureCoders aims to create great coders and to link them with employers. We work with young people, aged between 16 and 24, helping them learn to code through our education programme, hackathons, coding workshops, project workshops and careers events. We help them to become more skilled and more employable through our work experience programme. Karen Scott and Emily Groves are the co-founders of futureCoders, and I thought that what they were doing was absolutely brilliant and I had to be a part of it. I have now been volunteering there for 2 years, bringing my front end development expertise and helping the junior developers gain confidence in writing code.

Shelley Grierson – Director of Tech Marketing- Space Between

We will start this series of Women in Focus with someone that contacted me recently and introduced me to some lovely ladies that should be an inspiration for everyone.

Tell us about your career journey

I have been in my current role for the past 7 months, and have been focused on driving our highly specialised tech solutions to our defined demographic. Educationally, my background is in Psychology, so transitioning into a Neuromarketing role has been a natural progression and a really enjoyable career challenge. I get to bridge two different worlds in my role, technology and human behaviour. I get to translate the tough technology talk, provide insights into human buyer behaviour, and create messages and campaigns that make sense to our target audience.

What areas of technology do you touch on in your role?

The key areas I touch on involve Neuromarketing Research, or Biometrics Testing. There is some seriously impressive kit that comes in our Laboratory. Everything from Artificial Intelligence Tech, Scientific and even Medical Technologies. I also have significant exposure across our client projects, for the purposes of gathering marketing materials together – this includes things like customer testimonials and case studies for example.

What areas do you see evolving in future?

We operate in the eCommerce sector, and this market is very agile compared to more traditional areas – like bricks and mortar retailers for example. So the result is, our demographic is much more willing to try new things, keep pace and have an open mind when it comes to testing out new technologies. It’s a very fast-paced and exciting sector to be operating in. Everyone in our company genuinely loves being at the forefront of providing revolutionary solutions to eCommerce problems.

Can you tell us about some of your most exciting tech projects?

I have worked closely with a couple of client projects lately, by supporting joint marketing efforts. One was The Post Office, who were thrilled with cost savings exceeding £250,000 in the first six months of our CRO team consulting with them. I was working with the key internal stakeholders filming testimonials and gathering data for building a case study that we could use promotionally. We also won an award for that project – Top Enterprise Project of the Year!

Another recent project saw me in our Poland innovation office with luxury hair brand, ghd. As part of our work with ghd, our wider project team presented the pieces of research we suggested for the results they were looking to achieve. It’s hard to pick as there are lots of amazing examples to give, but these are the most recent!

What do you do outside of work that supports women in tech?

In my spare time, I host the Kent Linkedin Ladies networking group. This is an extension of Linkedin, with the idea being that it’s important to actually get to know the faces behind the profiles. This group is exclusive to women – just as a safe and supportive environment to network, find mentors, inspiration, and ultimately encouragement into achieving leadership roles within business. I’m also taking part in the Miss Great Britain pageant in my spare time, and am a finalist for the #MsGreatBritain competition. This is another exciting channel to work as a role model for other young women and highlight career opportunities, charities and social causes that would otherwise have little exposure.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for any tech lover in your life

As we all know, Christmas is just around the corner.

And i bet not everyone has finished their Christmas shopping, so i’m coming to the rescue with some ideas for those last minute gifts, that any tech lover would definitely love.


1.  Touchscreen gloves are a must for anyone that is just glued to their phone, and don’t want to stop using it just because it’s freezing outside.


Here you can find a pair from that will work with any type of touch screen. They provide a snap closure that will make them comfortable to wear , they are knitted with a soft integrated fleece lining and are durable. Compared to other gloves, i like that they do provide a good grip, so you won’t have to stress about your device slipping from your hands.

Price £26.69 , but you can use the code “girltechweekly” to get 15% off if you place your order before 19th Dec. (discount code applies to any product from


2.  Staying within a lower end budget , here’s a gift for any photographer out there that would like to display their images in a creative way. The KiiPix Instant printer is something a bit different, as it does not use any ink or batteries. smartphone-picture-printer_000000000006146431You simply find an image you’d like to print on your phone, place your phone on top of the printer, press a button and roll your image out.

kiipixphoneIt uses the Instax mini film that can be found at about £14.99 /per 20 shots and it’s quite an interesting little device. Price £29.99 at


3.  If you’re looking for a gift for a gamer in your life, that is loving the retro vibes, i found this Saga Smartphone Controller, that looks quite fun.


It’s only compatible with android smartphones, and comes with over 17 retro games, so that your friend can relive their childhood games all over again. Price £29.99 at


4.  Now if you want to spend a bit more on your Christmas gift, and you have someone in your life that is just loving photography, but they don’t yet have a proper camera, i have a suggestion.


Yes i know, it’s from Jessops again, but they are the only ones offering this deal that for the same price of the camera, you get a memory card,  jolby tripod, a body jacket and strap for the camera and even a 1 hour tuition in one of their stores.  It might only work for people living in the Uk that have a store close by so that they can take advantage of the 1 h session, but honestly it’s a pretty sweet deal. Price £449.

Not only the quality that you get from the camera is amazing but it’s also really easy to use. It’s a mirrorless camera ( that i explain about here) that your friend or even you ,if you decide that you should make yourself a gift this year will be able to use with ease.



5.  And finally if you already have that friend in your life that “has it all”, because they are already into tech gadgets this next one is something that they will definitely love.


It’s a customizable  keyboard that makes designing and editing so much easier. It’s compatible with all the Adobe softwares and it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminium. You can use the knob to zoom in and out, turn volume up and down, adjust different settings and much more. I know i would love to have one of these. You can order it from here and it’s £65.99.



Let me know what you think of these gifts ideas and which one of them you’d like to get under the tree.