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Track your health in style


Keeping up with your health and making sure that you stay fit will always be in trend and technology has a huge part in this.

From apps available to your phone, or smartwatch, this way of making sure you’re healthy, excercise and sleep enough has taken a new turn.

For all the women out there that love fashion and technology there are some new solutions on the market.

First of them is a new released tracking system that is incorporated in a bracelet, and it comes from Swarovski and Misfit. What they have designed is a bracelet that is fashionable enough to be wear with most types of outfits and that will connect to your smartphone.


The collection is called Slake Swarovski Activity Crystal , and they are either a fashionable bracelet for those elegant outfits or a more casual one that can be wear at any moment of the day. The common piece is a crystal that will “measures your activities and sleep, and syncs with your smartphone”. The app will allow you to set up goals for activities such as walking and running, helps you see the progress you made and even share your accomplishments with your friends.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS users.

If you’re more a necklace person, something similar and that is been on the market for some time now is the product from Bellabeat, mostly knows as “leaf”.

This small and versatile leaf not only will track your activity and sleep patterns but also your menstrual cycle. Compared to the one from Swarovski, the small leaf can be wear in a multitude of ways, from bracelets, necklaces or even broaches.

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Their app will also provide breathing exercises for those stressful moments that we all know can be a huge pain.

Compared to the Slake activity crystal the leaf may be harder to wear since it’s not such a small piece of jewelry and is not waterproof, so you have to be extra cautious when washing your hands if you have it on your wrist or take it down when you’re in the shower.

Price wise, the activity crystal can be bought at about under 150 GBP depending on your chosen style, whilst the leaf is just under 100 GBP and it comes with the necklace and bracelet .

I personally find them interesting and worth giving a try .  This is another proof that technology can be implemented easier in our lives and can help you become healthier.


What do you guys think about these devices? Have you tried them out? Would you give them a chance? Leave a comment below!


-This article is not a sponsored one.-


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