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FingerIO sonar technology for smart devices

University of Washington announced in a press release today that a new technology using sonar will allow us to interact with our phones without even touching the screen (just imagine how clean our displays will be).

The idea behind it, is that you’ll be able to use gestures in mid air that will interact with your mobile devices.

This new innovation called FingerIO will track your finger movements transforming your device into an active sonar system (you know like the ones that submarines use). This idea is based on sound waves and will be connected to the speakers and microphone of your tablet, phone or even smartwatch.

The students that came up with the idea will be presenting it in May at the Association for Computer Machinery 2016 Conference in San Jose California.

The idea was already tested and the results are encouraging , the device responding fast to your mid-air commands, but it might be a bit difficult to track motions at a high resolution which can cause some inaccurate results.

You can see a video of the students testing it here:

They do believe that this can be improved and brought to perfection, and for testing the idea they even released an app available for Android called also FingerIO so that users can send back their feedback.

In the future they will try to improve the system making it possible for the app to track multiple fingers.


What do you think about FingerIO? Leave a comment below!

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