Must Have Photographic Items for Beginners

Did you know that these are the must have items if you are starting with photography?

Today I want to focus on some items that are a must have if you are starting out in Photography.

Compared to other people that will recommend things that you don’t even understand how to use or apply to your photography path, I will be focusing on itms that are generally useful to every single starter photographer no matter what their main subject is.

Spare Memory cards/ batteries

Nothing is more stressful than being in the zone and taking those amazing images when you’re card gets full or battery dies on you. Having a spare charged battery with you when you are out and about can be a life saver. I know it saved me so many times. At the moment I have 3 batteries for my camera in total and I never ran out of power.

As for memory cards, same thing applies. Make sure you invest in some good quality ones (I personally use Sandisk and never had an issue with them) and in a tiny case to store them in. Never delete images from the card, they might look bad on the back of your camera, but there might be a different story on a computer. So have a spare one just in case you have one of those days when you are a bit clicker happy.

A good camera bag

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a camera bag (even though the Bilingham ones are still high on my wish list) but having a sturdy, well padded one can be a life saver.

Especially if you live in the UK or like travelling a lot, having a bag that can hold your camera safely is a must. Remember if you take care of it, she’ll take care of your images.

Key things to be looking for, are the padding, a rain cover is preferred and lots of dividers or pockets to make sure you can organise your items and never misplace anything.

Some of the bags I recommend are: Manfrotto Shoulder Bag

Lowepro Backpack

UV Filters

I honestly can’t stress enough how important is to have a UV filter on your lens, especially if you are shooting often outdoors. They were initially created for film cameras in order to remove the Uv light, but now on digital cameras everyone is using them as a form of protecting the lens. They won’t affect the quality of your images so you should have one on the lens at all times.

ps: make sure when you get one you get the right size. On the front of your lens you should have your diameter size or on the back of your lens cap. Then you simply screw it on your lens, and you’re done.

On my recent trip to Trinidad, i stupidly took mine off, and 2 days later camera was dropped in the sand, lens cover went over it and that managed to create a very “beautiful” mark on my lens. My camera had to be sent away for a repair and as we speak I’m waiting for its return.


Even if you don’t do long exposure images (where a tripod is essential), there are so many ways that a tripod will make your life so much easier.

Think about the sort of photography you do and get one that will suit that. It can be helpful if you do macro, product or even portrait photography. A lot of people ignore it and choose not to use it, but having one can easily change for the best the way you take your images.

Even a small one to have in your bag can come in handy when you are out and about.

Some Tripod recommendations: 3 Legged Thing

Manfrotto Mini Pixi

Cleaning Cloths

Making sure your lens is clean at all times is a must. If you wear glasses you might already have a couple of them laying around. Microfibe cloths are a life saver. I have one for my glasses always with me and an extra one for the camera, though I usually end up using whichever I find first.

Even if you are using a compact camera or your phone, making sure your lens is clean will make a huge difference. It will make your images look a lot sharper and it will help with the focusing.

If at times your camera seems to have troubles focusing just check your lens, if there are any smudges or dust on it, that might be your problem.

You can get a pack of 12 here.

Camera strap

Most cameras will come with a strap in the box (or a wrist string if you are getting a compact camera), so you probably have one already. Having a good strap to keep the camera around your neck, chest or hand will help out when you are out and about.

I have seen people dropping their camera because the strap just untied itself so make sure you go with a good one and most importantly you tie it correctly to the camera so that it will never happen to you.

For straps I personally use this one and even though the price does not fall into the “cheap” category is worth every penny!

What do you think is an essential item for a photography beginner?

Keep on shooting!

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