When photography becomes more than just a passion

Some of you know me already and how I got to this point, but for those of you that don’t, I feel like I have to introduce myself and give you a bit of a background story.

Since I was very young, my dream was to be a journalist, travel the world and bring people news and stories about the world around them. Even when I was young I always had a camera on hand. I still laugh when i find really old pictures that I was taking with my no-name 2 mp camera.

Through my teenage years I developed a passion for music and guitar, and photography fell on second place, or so I felt, even though looking back at it now, I can see I was having my camera with me everywhere.

When the time arrived to go to university, I had to make a big decision, and as as every scared 18 year old I took the easy way. Instead of travelling to a bigger city or one that was further away from home to study journalism, I decided to stay close to home and study Psychology. I enjoyed the first 2 years but the course was not what I expected so ended up dropping it.

Fast forward 3 years later, I was moving to the UK and starting my uni course in Multimeda Journalism. My passion was still there, and my dream of being a reporter was more alive that ever.

Got some amazing opportunities along the way, and I worked with a travel TV channel that turned my life around for the best. My dreams of being a reporter or writer soon changed to being a videographer and travel journalist.

Life though has a way of playing with your destiny so after finishing uni I continued working at a well known camera store in the UK, where i was one of the assistant managers. I was loving my job, always surrounded by cameras, lovely colleagues and people passionate about photography.

5 years after I first started my job there, and 4 years after I graduated from university, I find myself without a job, as the store closed down, and a bit confused for a day or two about where my life is heading.

Now if i look closely at how my life changed in the past 5 months, I still can’t believe it. I am a travel journalist, did a couple or articles, and videos, travelled to some exciting locations and planning my next adventure.

My point is never stop working fro your dreams, and even if it seems like you are not doing any progress, at some point you will sit down in your garden, look back at your journey and you will realise that you have accomplished so much already!

Have an amazing day everyone, and let me know if this sort of articles will interest you in the future.

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