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Phone gimbals. What’s the deal with them?

When thinking about video, image stabilisation is one of the must haves to make your final result better. Nowadays platforms that promote home-made videos are flooded with clips and everyone can join in using only their phone, but in order to stand out you do need good stabilisation in your footage.

No matter how steady your hands are, video making will require some form of stabilisation and I just found the perfect one for your phone.

FeyuTech is a company that produces different types of gimbals for almost any device from phones to action cameras and phones.

The FeyuTech SPG is the one that I enjoyed the most mainly because it can be used with most types of iPhones or android phones in similar sizes. It’s small and easy to use, has 3-Axis Stabilisation and weights about 400g including the battery.

the gimbal comes with a soft cary case

The gimbal can be controlled using a joystick that can pan the camera at 360 degree angle and tilt and roll at 320 degrees, making your footage so much more interesting. 

On the handle just under the joystick you will find the on/off button and the bluetooth shutter button and on the side you have the charging port covered by a silicone cover. All the buttons are also really easy to press without giving you trouble while holding the gimbal.

The grip is also covered in silicone so it will make holding it comfortable and the way it was manufactured takes the paint-peeling problem out of the question.

At the top there is a quick release system that can be adjustable depending on the size of your phone without losing stabilisation and keeping the camera level.

For when you’re not using it, it can be stored away in a soft pouch that can also double as a carry case with a metal hoop available if you want to attach a strap to it.

The battery even if it seems small is quite powerful and I’ve used the gimbal for a total of about 6-7 hours and it has not run of charge. Maximum runtime advertised by the company is 8 h and I can say that it can definitely hold up to that, now you just have to make sure your phone can keep up.

When using it with the FeiyuOn app it opens a world of possibilities, not only for video but also for photos. The app is free to download from both App Store and Google Play Store and it will allow you to personalise the way you want to use the gimbal. You can control the panning speed, resolution and frame rate.

 Connecting the phone with the gimbal takes only a second and it will allow you to use the shutter button on the handle so you won’t have to even touch the phone. A short press of a button will take a photo while holding the button down will start a video.

The app also offers you the possibility to track your subject so if you want to film some action shots it will make your life a lot easier. Besides that you can also input your own settings for exposure, white balance and ISO so you can easily shoot videos in any type of environment without worrying about the quality.

There is also an option for night shooting, panoramic shots and timelapse, all really easy to use and ready to make your photos stand out.

If you want to get into video making this can be an affordable way to start. The footage that I got with my phone is incredible and it’s mainly due to the fact that I managed to get different angles that normally would be hard to get or that will have a lot of movement in them.

I enjoyed doing some slow motion videos because they were so much smoother than if I were to hold my phone and I have to admit, I used the gimbal as a selfie stick as well. When doing a self-shot, because you can angle the phone so you won’t even see your hand.

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