The Photography show launches Women Who Photo Campaign

With the Photography Show coming soon ( 16-19 March 2019), the organisers came up with an idea to launch Women Who Photo campaign to support females in the photography and filmmaking industry.

The even will feature leading women photographers that will showcase their work at the event in march, with brands such as Sony, Olympus and Panasonic showing their support already.

The reason behind it, it’s pretty simple, the photographic and filmmaking industry is a male dominated one and most of the time women don’t get as much recognition as they should for their amazing work. Also this campaign wants to encourage more women to promote their work and inspire others to consider making photography or filmmaking their full time job rather than just a hobby.

The event will feature 15 talented women that will share their story and showcase their work, as well as featuring a piece of work that made them feel empowered.

They all come from different backgrounds and all have turned their passion for photography into a successful business taking various paths. The list includes Amy Shore, automotive and lifestyle photographer, Agatha A Nitecka, a filmmaker that worked with Universal Studios, BBc, Film 4 and many more, Angela Nicholson, founder of She clicks facebook group designed to support female photographers and the Technical Editor for Amateur photographer, Emma Drabble, a commercial and commissioned photographer a Panasonic and Getty ambassador and many more. A full list of them is available here.

Olympus UK marketing manager, Georgina Paveline commented: “Olympus is proud to support the Women Who Photo campaign to showcase some exceptional female photographers’ work and to support a platform which encourages others to shout about their achievements.”

A spokesperson for Nikon UK added: “Nikon is very pleased to support such talented photographers and filmmakers whose work both visually astounds and delivers a powerful narrative to their audiences – paving the way and inspiring the next generation of talent in our industry.”

Photograph by Agatha A Nitecka
Photography by Amy Shore
Photograph By Iulia David

If you’d like to support the campaign take it to the social media using #WomenWhoPhoto .

I’d love to see your images and let’s spread the word that women are amazing photographers too!

2 comments on “The Photography show launches Women Who Photo Campaign

  1. Is the credit for the final photograph correct? I think that’s Iulia David’s and that Agatha Nicholson is actually a mix of Agatha Nitecka and Angela Nicholson… but I may well be wrong!


    • Yeah, the last one is By Iulia David, that was my mistake. As far as for the first one..what i can see is only Agatha A nitecka as a photographer. well spotted. thanks for that!


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