How’s your heart doing today?

Tomorrow is World heart Day, the biggest annual event that raises awareness about cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.

Because of this i find it appropriate to talk about a product that i came across recently that is addressing that subject without too much fuss but with more precision that a fancy app will do it on your phone.

WIWE is a smart device, the size of a business card and is designed to detect arrhythmia, stroke, as well as  blood-oxygen levels. Apart from that you also have the option to use it as a pedometer, have a BMI index, keep a health journal and even have multiple users on the same account.


Compared to a downloadable app, WIWE is recommended by Cardiologists, has a CE mark in medical device category (that means the device is fit for its intended use and meets the legislation standards relating to safety and accuracy), provides instant evaluation with an outstanding 98.69% accuracy and is incredibly easy to use.

Clinicians across the world agree that the device is ideal for helping out patients that have heart related issues but also those that are concerned about their well being. The reports created by the app can be shared with the clinicians and can even provide a patient monitoring.

The way it works is that you first have to download the free app, from either Google Play or Apple store, turn the device on open the app.


You can create your own account, and click new recording. Then by simply putting your thumbs on the 2 designated spots on the device, it will start reading your heart beats. It only takes a minute, and after that you have access to your ECG straight from your phone.




The app also gives you the option to set up daily goals that are meant to help out with the exercise you do daily and the calorie intake, according to you height and weight.


Apart from all the functionality, can i just say that the packaging and design has impressed me as well. The device is really slim and comes in a sleek box, alongside with instructions and the charging cable.

This week, until 30th September they are running an offer on their website where you can get your WIWE at 20% off the retail price. Click here to get your order in! And don’t worry they do ship the item across Eu.


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