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The solution to bike safety is here : WingLights 360

Recent studies show that around 18,477 cyclists were injured in road accidents, including 3,499 who were killed or seriously injured ( ).  Around 75% happen at or near a road junction and they mainly occur in urban areas.

With the number of cars on the roads today and reckless drivers that most of the time don’t pay enough attention to cyclists, high-visibility vests and helmets are not enough to offer the safety we need when we are out and about on our bikes.

Enter CYCL, a London-based startup that introduced in 2015 WingLights, indicators for bicycles that will help make commuters more visible on the roads. The idea was praised by Peter Jones and backed by Nick Jenkins in 2017 and gained popularity and press attention after being promoted on Wired, Business Insider and Forbes.


After they previously launched WingLights Pop, which i myself have and use, they are launching this year WingLights 360.

While the WingLights that i use at the moment are great and believe they help me being more visible on the roads, the WingLights 360 are coming up with much more needed improvements.

Unlike the earlier model, the WingLights 360 are featuring a permanent white/red side light function, something that in the previous models was not available, as you had to tap at the end of the light and it will start flashing, but switching itself off after 45 seconds.

They are also shock and waterproof and attach magnetically to your handlebar ends, being easily removed using a keyring for safekeeping.


Researches found out that drivers are more likely to pass 85%  further apart from the cyclists using this kind of product, compared to normal hand signalling.

Downside is that the battery power only lasts 3 hours compared to  the 6 months battery life of the WingLights Pop, but unlike that model, the new one can be charged via Usb in just under 30 minutes.

On September 11th they are launching WingLights 360 on Kickstarter and you can subscribe to campaign to be the first to grab them and support the people behind this amazing idea that could potentially save a cyclist life.


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