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How to take better photos using composition?



Photography is not all about having an expensive camera, lens or going to exotic places to capture the perfect shot. In most cases is about the way you compose your shoot.
We refer to composition in photography to a combination of all the elements within the photo and their position in the scene.
If you’re just starting with photography, there are a couple of composition guidelines that you can use to make your photos stand out.
There is no set number of composition rules but some of them are easier to use with most of the subjects you are going to photograph.


1. Rule of Thirds- or the golden rule

Refers to splitting your image in 9 equal squares and making sure your main subject in the photograph is placed on the intersection of two of these lines (See image below).

Some cameras (even the compact ones) have an option in their menu to “display grid”. Try using it next time before taking a picture and see if that helps you create a more interesting image.

rule of thirds

2. Natural frames

You can use frames within frames. Look around your surroundings and don’t be afraid to position your subject in one of these frames (it can either be a window, door, tree branches, wheel etc). This natural frame does not have to go all around your subject but should create the idea of framing, this will again make your subject stand out a bit more.



3.Leading lines

This one is again a very popular rule of composition, and as the name suggests , you must create leading lines within your photograph that should capture the viewer’s attention, and in some cases direct the eyes to the main subject in the photograph.

leading lines


4. Symmetry and Balance

Science has proven that the human eye is more attracted by symmetrical images, mainly because it simplifies the cognitive process. So if you think there’s nothing to photograph, look around and you’ll definitely find something symmetrical to photograph.

If not, try balancing big objects/patterns  with small ones. This will again create a visually pleasing photograph.




Most importantly make sure you’re having fun when you’re using your  camera and don’t be afraid to use your own rules, who knows, they might become legit and all us photographers will follow them in the future.


Have you tried any of these rules? What’s your favourite one? Leave a comment below!



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