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Apps saving lifes

This is a different type of post. For what is worth technology can cure the sick in more ways than we can imagine as long as we allow it to enter our lives and we use it carefully.

Recently, cases where depression and other metal disorders took away from us amazing and talented people are becoming more and more common, mainly because of their exposure in the media involving famous people.

Unfortunately people are dealing with this sort of issues every day and the worst consequence of that is leading to suicidal thoughts.

Even if recent statistics show that the suicide rate in the UK had the highest decrease in the past 20 years, going down from 6,188 in 2015 to 5965 in 2016, that’s still a worrying number, behind which people not reaching for help are taken away from their friends and families.

So what if technology can bring us together and help those who need an advice but have nobody to turn to or are afraid to do it face to face.

I want to introduce to an app that has pooped up on my Instagram feed called Wisdo


I find the concept behind it really useful, their aim being to connect people that have been in similar situations in order to get advice and learn from other people experiences.

They do mention in a private message as soon as you join the app, that their purpose is to help people share their story and inspire others and are in no way shape or form professionals when it comes  to mental disorders. They’re just people helping people.

The way it works, is that once you install the app you get to chose what communities you’d like to join. Some of these are covering subjects such as depression, anxiety, relationship advice, career advice, self esteem, LGBT, sexual assault,chronic pain,eating disorders,autism, acne, and so many more.


Once you select your community you can see what other people are posting and when you feel ready you can even share your story and get advice from others that might have been in a similar situation at some point or why not give advice to those seeking it.

Nice thing about the app is, that all the people joining the conversation have been in a similar situation to yourself so it’s a safe place to share your story, without having to be afraid someone might make fun of your situation.


The app unfortunately is available only for iOS devices and can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but i hope in the future it will become available for android devices too.

If you  feel like you or someone close to you needs professional help or support check out Samaritans website and act now!

What do you guys think? Have you tried an app similar to this, and what are your thought on them? Leave a comment below and follow the page to be the first to know when i post new articles.

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