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Out of photographic ideas? Here are 4 websites that will give you a boost to take better photographs

Sharing ideas of how to be even more creative with your photography and trying some fun challenges.

As some of you might be aware this year i took on a challenge. To be more exact a Photographic challenge. My main reason for doing it, was to allow me to push my limits and try and take a new picture everyday, no matter what, hence the name of the challenge “365 PHOTO CHALLENGE”.

All my photos are added on my Instagram and shared on my Facebook profile and because i haven’t done it in a very organised way it might look quite random at first. What i did get from the experience was that sometimes in order to get that great shot you have to look at things in a different way and from strange angles and even a key-chain might look interesting.

Now that i’m 278 days in I thought I should help you guys with some simple websites that will offer you new ideas when it comes to photography or the subjects that you’d photograph.


  1. GuruShots is one of my favourite websites when it comes to new ideas for photos. The website is filled with challenges, and all are free for any user to join. Apart from the fact that you get lots of themes you can also win some interesting prizes exposure and if you’re a Pro user you can even attend exhibitions all over the world where you can have your images displayed.
  2. Viewbug  at a first glance looks almost the same as GuruShots and even some of the themes for contests are the same. Now Viewbug allows free users to join only certain challenges and you have to have a VIP account to join others. Same as his brother Gurushots you can find lots of inspiration and see what’s trending between photographers when it comes to what image looks best.
  3. Expert Photography  is not only a website where you can learn how to take better images but they also have a section that they called 30 Day Photography Challenge Project, where not only they give you plenty ideas of what to photograph next but also they provide you with tips on how to take that type of image.
  4. Digital Photography Review is another place where you can find lots of information about the latest news from the photography world and you can also join some photo challenges . Here you’ll find more structured contests because they all have a deadline and certain rules that everyone has to follow in order to have their image accepted in the contests.


Let me know if you guys have tried any of these websites or if you’re doing a photo challenge at the moment. Would love to hear from you.

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