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Why do we need so many cameras?

I get often asked by people how many cameras do i have. The answer is really not going to help them choose the best one for their needs, simply because i’m a bit of a hoarder and i love trying new cameras.

When choosing a camera you have to think how are you going to use it and how much are you ready to invest in this passion, because let me tell you it’s not a cheap one to have.

I remember my first camera, and i start smiling. It was a digital compact, made somewhere in a basement in China probably, with a tiny screen and an amazing 2 megapixels which, let me tell you at that time was a breakthrough in the camera world. Can’t remember much of the settings that it offered you, but i do remember this: I was using it like crazy!!


The second one that i got was a Canon Powershoot A510 that was superior in quality from my no-name Chinese device. I used that one for a couple of years and then i got the courage to ask my parents to up the game and empty their pockets and i got myself a bridge which is still being used by my father, or at least gets looked at by him from time to time.

4 years ago i got my first Dslr after many hours of research i spent all my bursary on a d3100 Nikon and that’s when i got really hooked by photographing everything and anything (mainly cats and flowers, i agree). That decision was probably the best one i could have taken, because as some of you might know the entry-level Dslr Nikon series still has a “Guide” mode that, if you want to learn will teach you the basics of photography.

Now, as my main camera i use my Nikon D7100 and everything else that you guys can see in the picture (plus a Samsung Nx mini) which was on charge the moment when i took the image and totally forgot about it.

Why do i need so many cameras? I don’t but all of them are special in their own way. I love my Om-1 that i got from ebay at a crazy cheap price, love my compacts that can be with me at all times (and i never leave the house without one in my bag) and i enjoy using all of them  depending what i’m photographing or where i am and what i have with me.

If you guys are after a camera and have no idea what to get, make sure the camera you’ll set your mind on, will fit your needs. You don’t need a full frame if you want something easy to use, like you don’t need a compact if you’re willing to carry a dslr with a set of lenses with you everywhere you go. If your budget is tight use your phone until you have the necessary funds to get that camera that you’re dreaming about every night.

Why do i have so many cameras? Because they are amazing each in their own way, because it can help you create a different feel every time you use them and because the memories they create are here to stay (that if you don’t forget to back the files up on an external hard-drive or print them).


How many cameras do you guys have and do you have a favourite? Feel free to leave a comment!

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