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Beats new wireless ear-pods available today

After an announcement a week ago, Beats has finally made their new wireless ear-pods available for sale today.

They claim to offer 8 hour charge and by the look of them they seem more convenient and easier to use than the Apple’s version.

You will be able to find them under the name “Beats X” and they come with a price tag of $149.95,  which compared to the AirPods that can be found at approximately $230, makes them a bit cheaper.


Beats X are available in 4 colours at the moment: Black, Grey, White and Blue, and they can provide 2 hour playback only with 5 minute charge.

Design wise they are safer to be used outside or even on a daily basis because they still come with a cable that you can put around your neck, compared to the apple version that seem impractical to use when jogging for example.


The back of the pods is also magnetic providing even more safety when you’re not using them, being able to stick them to one another while having them around your neck.


Specification wise they both use Bluetooth and Wifi, have a built in microphone, come with a volume control, inline calls and music controls as well as a noise isolation feature.

Reading through the reviews some people complained about the microphone that apparently catches even the sound of your footsteps and the fact that they are not sweat-proof as other beats version. Some people even mentioned that the base quality is not very good compared to other headphones from the same company. but then again what do they expect from some small in-ear pods?

Would you guys consider purchasing this new wireless pods? Do they seem worth the price?

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