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Nokia 3310 is making a comeback

17 years later, Nokia decided to revive one of their best products : the 3310.

Over the past week there has been an abundance of websites picking up on the announcement that Nokia will launch the 3310 this month at the Mobile World Congress and we can’t be more than excited.

Of course for those of you that were born in 2000, this might seem like a joke, since the phone we are talking about has been around for 17 years and you can still buy it online for under £40.

We old people that were enjoying this 84 x 84 pixel resolution screen, no camera, no bluetooth and the most 3 amazing games ever created (Snake II, Paris II and my personal favourite Space Impact), loved the fact that the phone was indestructible and the battery lasted sometimes even a week.

It’s uncertain if the manufactures will decide to change anything in terms of the actual capacity of the phone or they will stick to their classic feel and tank-like body. I just hope they’ll provide more options in terms of colours.

A lot of users on Reedit discussed the news and more than half of them believe that this will be be a hit , especially for older people that can’t cope with an lcd touch screen and just need a PHONE not a mini computer.

Even if we don’t know for sure what’s going to happen, i hope at least they will get the might 3310 at least 3G compatible , otherwise they will have a huge loss in profits.

Now for all your enjoyment i’ll let you guys with a very technological review of the 3310.


Have you guys used the 3310? If you did, what was your favourite thing about it?

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