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Is every technology good?

A japan company released a new innovative product called Gatebox that aims to help those living alone.

It’s a holographic girl named Alexa a few inches tall that keeps you company, interacts with you and gets your house ready for when you arrive from work.

She is designed to be a virtual wife that using a microphone and multiple cameras detects motion and temperature and as the company suggests she can interact with people at a more personal level.

Apart from the fact that she can be entertaining she can also control the appliances in the house and in her role as a wife she tries her best to make sure her ‘husband’  has everything ready.

While away from the house the character can also send text messages and reply back to the ones she receives. The company targeted the invention at single men that live alone in order to make their life more pleasant.

There is also a promotional video for the product:

The price of the Gatebox is now about $2500 and it can be pre-ordered , but there are only 300 products available so anyone interested in buying themselves a virtual wife have to hurry.

We can look at the Gatebox  like a remote control that has a nicer look is more interactive and has a mind of its own,and luckily apart from setting your house on fire while starting up the oven or overflowing your bath there are no risks.


I do believe the invention is intriguing but not sure about how is helping single people to have a normal life and meet partners. In today’s world everyone is connected to a phone and spends hours in front of a computer  taking us away from real people and relationships and now having the ability to own a virtual ‘wife’ will probably not help us being better at interacting with others.

While i see why this is a good idea and a sign that technology is evolving it can also become a danger for those that struggle with creating real connections with those around them.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

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