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Making Live Videos USEFUL

Live videos on Facebook, Instagram and most of the social media platforms is the selfie of 2017. Everyone got hooked by the idea and with Facebook mainly advertising it every second, many users started doing it just because it’s there.

Luckily someone figured out a way to make live streaming a useful tool. Snappers is the latest tool for bloggers and live stream fanatics.  It’s a platform that connects a blogger for example to someone around the world that can go and live stream an event of your choosing.

For example, if i’m not able to participate to a tech  conference that is happening in a different city or country i can take on to Snappers and find someone in that region that is happy to go and stream the event for me in exchange of a fee, allowing me to add the content to my website and make my own comments without being there.

I can see this tool being used by journalists as well since events can happen anywhere and there will be someone there with a mobile phone and an internet connection nearby that can provide live coverage.

Also i imagine the company can develop the idea furthermore and help travel bloggers as well. Just imagine having a website about amazing destinations with live video from all around the world without even leaving your house.

The website is clean and pretty much self explanatory , the sign in and usage is intuitive and easy to use and they even provide a video tutorial that will explain everything you need to know about how to use  the platform.


What do you guys think? I already signed up for their beta version!


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