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Stress Free

A couple days ago I found an amazing app for those that suffer from anxiety or are terrible stressed out.

Might sound silly that in order to relax i’m recommending to still use on your phone , but i tested it out, and trust me, IT WORKS!

The app is celled Stress Free and has been developed in the UK by 2 leading psychiatrists, which means that it has been created to work and deliver results!

You can find the app on their website and it has been proven to reduce stress and manage your anxiety of any kind. You can download it for free but it will require a £1.99 subscription per month.

After you download the app you need to create an account and then you have different options to choose from. You can try some breathing exercises  which are timed or you can try meditating. For each option you choose you’ll be guided throughout the process by a calming male voice and also they are accompanied by different images and relaxing sounds.


Just imagine that instead going to a spa or talking to someone that usually calms you down you can do it by yourself in the comfort of your own house or wherever you find yourself when the anxiety kicks in.

Personally when i tried the app out i really managed to relax and forget about my worries. It made me more productive and energized as well. The meditation part helped me fall asleep and sleep better at night so i highly recommend you guys try it out.

You can find more information about how the app has been developed and the techniques they use on their website.

If you also are scared of spiders they do have an app that might help you overcome your fears.

The app is simply to use, moves fast on an apple or android device and it’s quite cute as well i might add.

Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.

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