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Essential items when you’re travelling

Because it’s summer and it’s that time when most of us are going on holiday i figured i should help you guys out and give you a list of technical essentials when you’re on holiday!

No matter what the destination is, you want to make sure that you don’t miss the important highlights , are comfortable without caring too many stuff with you and you have a good “glass” to capture everything you see.

Let’s jump right in then!


     1. A good backpack can make the difference between a pleasant walk and a burden.

We all take with us suitcases when travelling that will hold our clothes and essentials, but having a good size backpack can make your trip even better.


This is a Lowepro camera backpack that not only can hold your camera but has enough space for extra batteries, chargers, your tablet, phone and documents like passport boarding passes and so on. I used it on my recent trip to Italy and it was the PERFECT choice. It hold both my cameras, maps, extra batteries tripod and even a water bottle. It’s lightweight and very comfortable to carry even when you are doing long walks through the city. I got mine from jessops for £52.


2. A good camera that will help you take the most breathtaking images.

I’m not saying that using your phone will not get the job done (this,of course depending on the phone you own), but having a good camera with you can make a huge difference in the image quality. Most people might choose to get a DSLR with them, that if they are not too bothered by the size and weight, but you’re on holiday, and you need to travel light! My recommendation would be a mirorless camera. They are small, easy to use and exceptionally in terms of the results.


This is the Sony a6000. It has a 24.3-effective-megapixel APS-C image sensor, comes with a standard 16-50 mm lens, does about 11 fps, has a tilted screen and viewfinder for those sunny days and comes with wifi so you can share your perfectly framed images on the social networks as soon as you take them. The price is around £499 but keep in mind that there is a shortage of them in the Sony warehouse so if you want to get one you need to move fast.


                  3.Socket adapters so you can charge your electronics while away.

Keep in mind if you’re travelling abroad that the sockets might be different, so be sure to check this before you go and purchase the right adapters, otherwise you might realise that you’ll have no way of charging your phone or camera.



4.Power banks because running out of power on your phone or camera is always a pain!

On the market there are now a couple of options that will not be directed just at smarphones. You can take one that will charge your camera and tablet as well. This way you will not be tied to your hotel room and you will never miss an amazing photo opportunity ever again.


5. A small but fast laptop so you can store and back-up your images or even make the time pass faster if you are stranded in the airport for a couple of hours.

You don’t want to realise that your camera card is already full and you have no way of taking some extra photos.  A small but powerful laptop could save you. Make sure you choose one that will have an sd slot so you’d be able to save your images. Plus with wifi in most places nowadays it will be an easier way to make the time pass, check  facebook or find the information you need about the place you are staying at. If you have the money go for a small macbook, not only they are small and pretty but their battery life is amazing, so you’d be able to use it on the airplane too.



What gadgets you take with you on your holiday? Leave a comment below.

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