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How good are you at using YouTube? Be better with these tips!

I know that we all spend quite an amount of time of Youtube, either listening to music, watching vlogs or going into that strange side where you can find people popping pimples and some other weird stuff. But how good are you at using YouTube?

I ‘ll let you in to some of the stuff that you probably had no idea you can do on YouTube.


  • Do you know that awesome song that you keep replaying until you can’t take it anymore? There is an easier way to put it on repeat…no other tools required! Just right click on the video and select Loop. This will also show you a couple of other options, and one of my favourite “Stats for nerds” Try them out!

youtube loop


  • Another one that some of you might already know about is speeding or slowing down a video. This can be done from the settings button, and you can have quite some fun with it. It’s worth trying if you’re getting bored and feel like having a laugh!



  • If you want to create a YouTube channel but you don’t have a video editing software don’t worry! Youtube has you covered! The YouTube video editor is free and it offers you the option to :
    • Combine multiple videos you’ve uploaded to create a new, longer video.
    • Trim your uploads to custom lengths.
    • Add a soundtrack from YouTube’s library of approved tracks.
    • Customize clips with special tools and filter effects.



  • You know those annoying adds that keep poping up while playing a video? If you didn’t managed to get rid of them using AdBlock, then you at least can customize them. If you go into your google account you can choose what types of adverts you prefer…at least you’ll see only the stuff that you’re interested in:Screenshot_4

Do you have a tip for using YouTube? Leave a comment below! 

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