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Bixi – look ma, no hands!!!

There are a couple of nifty gadgets out there that will help us make life easier. Recently i stumbled upon one that promises to control different devices around you without touching them.

This one is called Bixi and they say that is an ultra-portable contactless smart device that will just simplify your life.

The idea behind it is that it’s based on gesture recognition. It can save up to 10 gestures that can help you manage your smart devices easier.


I can see it coming in handy when you’re in the kitchen cooking and you don’t want to wash your hands to change a song or answer the phone, but also if you’re driving and you want to stay focused on the road.


Bixi has been developed by a startup in France called BluemintLabs and their aim is to create devices that are intuitive and innovative that will just make life easier.

They way you connect Bixi to a device is via bluethooth and it can connect to any type of device that has a bluethooth feature.

What’s really impressive with this device is it’s battery life which can last up to 2 weeks on one single charge.

Another amazing thing about this nifty device is that the top of the device is made of gorrila glass 4 which is a scratch proof glass and it’s also splash proof.

The way that the device works is basically through an optical technology that is using a next-generation sensor to be as accurate as possible when used.

Some of the things that Bixi can control are:

1. Music & Powerpoint presentation (office)
2. Reading & Philips Hue lighting control (home)
3. Navigation assistance & Music (on bike)
4. Music & Opening Garage door (In car)

And you can even control your GoPro with it. Just imagine how easy that will be!




The device is still being developed but you can subscribe on their website to get updates when the product will be available for purchase.

You can also watch their presentation video:


What do you think about it? Leave a comment below!


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