Foldable phone? It is possible!

There are a couple of rumors that Samsung might launch a new phone that will have a foldable display. This is not something new though, because last year Kyocera and Sony launched something similar for both phone and tablets. While those have 2 screens that can expand, Samsung wants to use only one OLED screen that can fold and expand to the size of a tablet.

The standard size of the screen is said to be 5″ in normal format and can expand up to 7″.

Its predicted that the phone will be launched this summer, but few expect that this will be actually something that we can purchase. Many believe that this is the Samsung way to regain its popularity in the smartphones market and might attract both phone and tablet users because its unique feature.

With the new Iphone 6 gaining more popularity each day, this feature will probably boost and redirect attention to Samsung productions for those that need a bigger screen but a small device.

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