KOGAION operating system better than WINDOWS?

A Romanian software group has developed an operating system based on Linux that might soon be able to replace Windows.

The team Rogentos Linux Group, it’s the first Romanian group that started developing operating systems with Gentoo technology named Kogaion, Argent Linux and ArgOs.

What this is , is a Desktop version that will target anyone already used to the Linux /GNU users.

At this moment, the software is still in a developing phase and is not yet available to the public, since developers are working on improving it and getting it ready for launch.

They predict that KOGAION might be even simpler to use than Windows on all things related to administration for example.

The developers promise that the system will be free to use, but they might develop a paid version in the future which might help the administration area even more( banks, city councils etc).

The groupĀ started in 2010 but only last year the owners decided to go public.

If this might be available outside Romania is still something to decide, but the developers believe that it might be something that the international market will be interested in.

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