Mistyping a web address can add a virus to your computer

We all mistype words when trying to get to a certain website and hackers have taken advantage of this.

There are a multitude of websites that warn us about the dangers that we could face if we don’t write a web address correctly. One of the most recent threats come from Oman, where their indicative is .om. Some hackers created copies of the real websites and registered them on the .om servers, this might look legit at a first glance but then they will require an update from your side (usually it’s an update of the flash). If you accept the update, a small program will be installed in your computer and mess everything or even collect data.

This was found out by the security company endgame and they advised people to be careful what they type in their browser search.

Unfortunately this is not the only example , and many other websites could cause a similar issue, and   are just a few other examples.

So make sure next time you’re typing something in your address bar you check the link before accessing it.

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