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To turn ON notifications or NOT? Instagram edition

Yesterday my Instagram feed was flooded by people telling me to turn on notifications to be up to date with their posts. Apparently everyone has gone mad when they heard about the new Instagram update and some found an easy way to gain more attention from their followers.




What nobody did though was to check what this new update will actually mean. Since the app is owned by Facebook they decided to make your “timeline” more “interest focused” than “recent updated focused”.

This will simply mean that you’ll still be able to see all the posts from the people you follow but not in a chronological order. Instagram will basically show you first things that you might be interested in based on your likes and hashtags that you use.

On their official twitter page, Instagram said that the change will not happen today (as everyone on Instagram is saying) but will happen gradually so people will get used to the new style.


Turning on those notifications will be a pain because every time those people you’ll follow will post something you’ll be notified and we all know how annoying that can be sometimes, especially with people posting something new every 10 minutes.

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