What you need to know about the newest iOS update?

Today Apple released a new iOS update for their devices, and you might ask yourself why there’s so much fuss about it on the social media.

First of all this is one of the biggest updates in several years, adding some new features such as night shift and a password option for your notes.

Let’s talk a bit about them.

Night shift is a new feature that will change your display colour for an easy use of your phone at night. Basically the cold blue-ish tone is replaced with a warmer yellow one that is a bit more gentle to your eyes. So now you can be on your phone in bed all night:) You can either schedule it to start from a specific hour or you can start it manually from your phone settings- General, Display & Brightness- Night Shift


What is really amazing about this feature is that it uses the clock and geolocation to determine when the screen might need to get progressively more orange, without requiring you to do anything else.

If you have an iPad then you’re in luck and might be able to use a multi-user support feature..well kind of. This is called by apple the “iOS in Education” and is really useful in schools that use iPads, because it will allow you to log in and pick up where you left off with your studying. You can also do some guided lessons if you’re a teacher. How neat!

Now you can add a password to your notes and help keep some confidential information locked. You can either use a password or the Touch id feature. Now your passwords, medical records or whatever notes you might have are protected:) Not only dat but you’ll also be able to sort them by date created, modified or alphabetical order.




If news are a big part of your life, now you can get a bit more close and personal. Now the news section will offer you a “For You” option where you can choose what type of news are you interested in. Also it will allow you to play videos straight from the stream without accessing them separate.

The Health app was also tweaked a bit, allowing you now to use some other health tracking apps that you might have.


And if you ever get lost and you’re hungry, the maps have also slightly changed, making navigation a bit easier when you’re trying to find a specific place but don’t know much about it, because now you can see Yelp reviews of that location and make a decision easier.

Are you an iPhone user? Have you updated yet? Let me know what you think about the changes in the comments.


UPDATE If you own an apple device that is an older generation (Ipad 2 or iPhone 4 for example) i recommend you to wait a bit. This new update might not work well on your device. Have a look at this article  

4 comments on “What you need to know about the newest iOS update?

  1. Mike brampton

    If you want to kill your Apple device, loose all links, freeze email and the ability to surf the web, download it today, otherwise stay well clear


  2. I m updating it now !


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