Unlock an iPhone without password or touch id


Today a video showing how to unlock your iPhone without a password has taken over the internet.

The method looked easy enough for me to have a go with it. While the phone is locked, you open Siri, ask what’s the time, then click add button, type something random, select what you typed, and share it with a message,then tap again add button and press the home button…

MIND BLOWING! I tried it out and it works.

But before you start panicking and thinking that Apple’s security methods are a huge big fail….try doing the same thing by opening Siri with a different finger from the one that is saved as your touch id…this time it won’t allow you to do anything!

Wish people that would do such videos will do a bit more research before posting.

Did you give it a try? Did it work? Leave a comment below!

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