Pay with your voice. Google latest innovation


Paying for stuff today has become such a simple process, that you can’t even think of easier ways to do it, but Google, found a new way.

Google introduced a new app that will allow you to pay just by using your voice, and is available on phones with  Android (Jelly Bean v4.2+) and iPhone (4S+) .

The app called simply “Handsfree” was tested in San Francisco in locations such as McDonalds and Papa John’s Pizza. All you have to do is go to the cashier and just say “I’ll pay with google”.

The app combines bluethooth, wifi technology and the available sensors in the store will connect the phone to the cash register, while the security cameras will match your face with your picture from the app.

In terms of protection, on their websites it’s stated that “Hands Free never shares your full credit card number with the store and all your payment details are stored securely and shared only with the payment processor.
The cashier can only charge you when Hands Free detects that your phone is near the store. The cashier then verifies your identity to make sure that they are charging the right person. You’ll get instant notifications after every purchase, so you can check purchase details right away. You’ll also be alerted of any unusual activity. Suspicious transactions won’t go through without your approval. ”

There might be a few downsides to this new way of paying your burgers but it is definitely something that we might have to get used to in the future.

What do you think about this new app? Leave a comment below!




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