iPhone SE

The latest iPhone leaks reveals that Apple is going to release next month a new 4-inch phone -iPhone SE (name yet to be confirmed).

Even this will be a smaller version that what Apple got us used to, it’s predicted that its performance will be amazing.

The looks of it will be more likely to go after the iPone 5s but with a lot more curves. Size wise it will be about 58.6mm in width and 7.6mm depth.


The good news is that unlikely the soon to come iPhone 7 this one will maintain its headphone jack.

Features such as Touch Id, NFC chip for Apple Play and an upgraded camera are also promised.

This version will come in a 16GB and 64Gb versions with all the color range available from Apple ( Gold, Silver, Space Grey and Rose Gold).

Even though it’s said to have a faster processor and the 3D Touch, the price will be similar if not the same with the current iPhone 5, which may seem a bit strange, but the marketers surely knows what are they doing.

The official release date is March the 15th, so we’ll have to wait just a bit more and see…


Do you think will revolutionize the market?Leave a comment below!

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